We live in challenging economic times, not just here on the Gold Coast, but throughout Australia. Conscious of this, All Saints Anglican School does not engage in formal fundraising drives and strives each year to keep any fee increases to an absolute minimum. We have, however, established a Building Fund and a Scholarship Fund, voluntary donations to both of which are tax deductible, in the hope that if circumstances allow it, members of our community might consider making a contribution.

By investing in education and in a school that believes young people have limitless potential if they are only inspired to realise it, you are bringing hope and light to the future of our world. A significant number of our students receive fee relief, and would not have access to an All Saints education without it. Your gift will help us to spread this net more widely still, bringing opportunities for growth through grace and love for countless young Australians.

All Saints is not a wealthy School, but we consider ourselves rich beyond belief in the human and physical resources with which we are blessed. Any gift you can manage will help us to continue to bring our unfolding vision for our nation's children to fruition.

We are also a young school which allows us to embrace all possibilities that might help our students to thrive. We are conscious and proud of our past, determined to be the very best we can be in the present and excited about future possibilities.

Our past has formed our character. From the early pioneers who found a paddock and dreamed a school, through to our most recent graduates, we are bound by our collective belief in certain core values which are non-negotiable:

  • the need for Truth in all things
  • the importance of Faith, both in ourselves and in the God who gives us life
  • the capacity for Compassion to transform lives, healing wounds and encouraging redemption and renewal.

Meanwhile we invest our energy in the Present, encouraging each child in our care to become the best they can be, and thus live out God's plan for them. We achieve this through:

  • a strong pastoral care system that lifts them when they are down and celebrates at all times their special gifts
  • the provision of outstanding facilities to enhance their capacity to learn and grow
  • a foundation of core values based on the teachings of the Gospel.

It is by attending to the present that we are able to look to the Future with confidence and hope. With our gaze on the horizon we imagine:

  • a School where each child is treated with dignity and respect
  • a wider School community that continues to offer a sense of belonging, care and protection to all its members
  • a world that is enriched by the contributions of All Saints graduates.

So if it is within your means to do so, we invite you to consider making a voluntary donation to our School or perhaps remembering us in a bequest. You may direct where you wish the funds to be allocated (general donation for learning support or indigenous bursaries, building fund or scholarship fund), in the certain knowledge that your wishes will be honoured.

All Saints Anglican School gratefully accepts financial donations voluntarily. However, please decide carefully as we do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. A receipt for taxation purposes can be obtained upon request from the School.


Or for further information, please contact Mrs Lisa Thomas on