Complaints and Appeals

International Student Complaints and Appeals Policy

A copy of this policy will be provided to the student (or parent(s)/legal guardian if the student is under 18) at a reasonable time prior to a written agreement being signed and again within seven days of the commencement of student attendance of the enrolled course.

1. Purpose

a) The purpose of the School's Complaints and Appeals Policy is to provide a student or parent(s)/legal guardian with the opportunity to access procedures to facilitate the resolution of a dispute or complaint.

2. Informal Complaints Resolution

a) In the first instance, the School expects there should be an attempt to informally resolve the issue through mediation/informal resolution of the complaint.

b) Students should consult their teacher/House Tutor/Head of House in the first instance, to attempt mediation/informal resolution of the complaint.

c) If the matter cannot be resolved through mediation, the matter will be referred to the Director of International Education/ Head of School and ultimately the Headmaster and the School's internal formal complaints and appeals handling procedure will be followed. If the complaint is regarding a residential matter, it should be first referred to the Homestay officer or Head of Boarding.

3. Formal Complaints Handling Procedure

The process of this grievance procedure is confidential and any complaints or appeals are a matter between the parties concerned and those directly involved in the complaints handling process.

a) The student must notify the School in writing of the nature and details of the complaint or appeal.

b) Written complaints or appeals are to be lodged with the Director of International Education.

c) Where the internal complaints and appeals process is being accessed because the student has received notice by the School that it intends to report him/her for unsatisfactory course attendance, unsatisfactory course progress or suspension or cancellation of enrolment, the student has 20 working days from the date of receipt of notification in which to lodge a written appeal.

d) Complaints and appeals processes are available to students at no cost.

e) Each complainant has the opportunity to present his/her case to the Headmaster.

f) Students and / or the School may be accompanied and assisted by a support person at all relevant meetings.

g) The formal grievance process will commence within 10 working days of the lodgement of the complaint or appeal with the Principal/other.

h) Once the Headmaster/other has come to a decision regarding the complaint or appeal, the student will be informed in writing of the outcome and the reasons for the outcome, and a copy will be retained on the student's file.

i) If the grievance procedure finds in favour of the student, All Saints Anglican School will immediately implement the decision and any corrective and preventative action required, and advise the student of the outcome.

j) The School undertakes to finalise all grievance procedures within 15 working days.

k) For the duration of the appeals process, the student's enrolment and attendance must be maintained.

4. External Appeals Processes

a) If the student is dissatisfied with the conduct or result of the complaints procedure, he/she may seek redress through an external body at minimal or no cost.

b) If the student wishes to complain or to lodge an external appeal about a decision made or action taken by the School he/she may contact the Overseas Students Ombudsman at no cost. The Overseas Students Ombudsman offers a free and independent service for overseas students. Please see: or phone 1300 362 072 for more information.

c) If a student is concerned about the actions of the school they may approach the Chief Executive of the Department of Education, Training and Employment, who, under Part 2, Division 2 of the Education (Overseas Students) Act 1996, may suspend or cancel the registration of a provider or a course if a breach of the requirements of registration provision is proved. Concerns or complaints about the conduct of a registered provider should be addressed in writing to:

The Manager

International Quality (Schools) Unit


LMB 527


5.Other Legal Redress

Nothing in the School's Complaints and Appeals Policy negates the right of an overseas student to pursue other legal remedies.