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Our days are filled with exciting stories to tell. Here are a few we'd like to share.

Shrek Jr
15 Nov 2022

A big green bravo to Shrek Jr

Students are reeling with delight from their experience, prompting performing arts staff to look to the...

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Year 7 Indigenous Science Unit 6
14 Sep 2022

Year 7 Scientists Embrace Ancient Techniques

In Term 3, All Saints' Year 7 students built on their knowledge and understanding of what force is,...

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Fair Hero Image
21 Aug 2022

All Saints Fair Day Fun

An overflowing carpark, sold-out stalls, shelves at local supermarkets picked clean of hotdogs and...

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Oscar Wang
18 Aug 2022

Oscar's Need for Speed

What is speedcubing, you ask?  Well, during competitions, speedcubers must solve at least one...

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Allen Qiu 2
10 Aug 2022

Allen Qiu's eye in the sky

Allen Qiu first discovered the art of photography and filmography in his home city of Hangzhou, China....

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Shindig 2022 7
10 Aug 2022

2022 Shindig Film Festival Winners Celebrated

What once began as home movies, comedy spoofs and amateur shorts in the Nairn Theatre has grown to...

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Bigtime 2022 23
25 Jul 2022

Bigtime: Middle School's larger than life musical

The biennial Middle School musical Bigtime was conceived by a student crew and cast who were directed by...

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Amy Fogarty
25 Jul 2022

Year 12's Amy Fogarty wins prestigious culinary award

All Saints’ own celebrity cook Amy Fogarty has been recognised at the state level for her exceptional...

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Debating Grand Final 5 2021
20 Oct 2021

All Saints wins Gold Coast Debating grand final

More than 40 All Saints students across 10 teams participated in four different divisions of the Gold...

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Giveathon 9 2021
16 Sep 2021

A Giveathon to remember

In the past, Giveathon Day has run concurrently with All Saints Foundation Day. On 16 September 2021,...

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Stp 8 2021
01 Sep 2021

Stairway to Paradise: It's been All Saints-ed!

Friends of Music coordinator Craig Duggan hit the mark during his closing speech by declaring the...

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At The Heart Of All Saints 1 2022
12 Aug 2021

Introducing the Heart Space center for wellbeing

While it’s always the first priority of an All Saints teacher to ensure this wellbeing, from time to...

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C4 U Header 2022
10 Aug 2021

Crazy For You: Who could ask for anything more?

A grand setting, a fearless cast and crew, professional guidance, an army of selfless volunteers and, in...

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Lincoln Lewis 2 2022
08 Jun 2021

Lincoln Lewis inspires next generation at All Saints

Fame and fortune may come and go, but resilience is the true star power – or so Lincoln Lewis believes....

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Ih And Mac Blessing 5 2021
21 May 2021

A grand opening: Harmony House and the McIntosh Administration Centre

The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, the Archbishop of Brisbane, officiated the blessing of the...

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Da Vinci Decathlon 2021
15 May 2021

All Saints Juniors win Da Vinci Decathlon

Although the Year 5 team didn’t take out the top gong, they did perform extremely well, winning the...

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5 13 21 Surfs Up Gallery 7
11 May 2020

Surf's Up for Albatross Nippers

Out in the sun, surf and sand, Nippers is where many of us learn about ocean safety and beach fitness...

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Showing Our Place In Country 2
04 May 2020

Showing 'Our Place In Country'

All Saints recently engaged local artist Narelle Urquhart to create a visual representation of 'our...

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Oscar Winner Shares Film Wisdom 2
06 Apr 2020

Oscar winner Claudio Miranda shares his film wisdom

Acclaimed cinematographer Claudio Miranda led an exclusive workshop for students, detailing some of the...

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