Dux of the Class of 2017, Liam Harris was last week presented with a ‘Distinguished Academic Achiever’ award by Education Minister Grace Grace. Liam was one of 28 students in Queensland to receive this prestigious annual award for graduating Year 12 students. Common to all the award recipients is an OP 1 (or equivalent), an A on the QCS Test, at least 20 semesters of Authority subjects at Very High Achievement level, and the QCE. What set recipients, such as Liam, apart from other high achieving OP 1 students was their exceptional combination of high-level academic achievement and breadth of learning.  A list of all award winners can be found in this link

The following students received their Academic Honours for Semester Two, 2017 at a special assembly on Wednesday. These students achieved a level of excellence across a broad range of subjects. In Year 10 we recognise students who have gained at least five A grades from a possible nine subjects and in Year 11 and 12 we recognise at least four A grades out of six subjects which the majority of students study in the final two years. Only A grades in academic subjects which lead towards an OP subject in Years 11 and 12 are considered for Academic Honours. The students received a Certificate and badge, and have their names displayed on the Academic Honours Board which is situated in the foyer of the Burling Centre for Scientific Inquiry.

Year 11 (for Semester Two, Year 10 2017):

  • Maddy Anderson, Kai Barry, Caitlin Dorrough, Maddy Eggins, Rachael Fogarty, Hudson Frigo, Izma Haider, Thomas Hendry, Angus Hitchcock, Adrian Jih, Meg Jones, Liam Lee, Mitchell Leishman, Justin Leonard, Lauren Mahon, Ashleigh Maynard, Georgia McDougall, Connor McLaren-Kennedy, Brooke Napper, Lauren Powell, Maria Suzuki, Victoria Ten, Lucy Webster, Jackson Wuoti, Sebastian Younan, and Lucy Zarew.

Year 12 (for Semester Two, Year 11 2017):

  • Cheyenne Apap, Zane Beattie, Ele Carpenter, Kelsey Carr, Isabella Charles, Jon Cornish, Tayla Coulson, Angeline Feng, Sam Gage, Daniela Gaspar, Lily Kenway, Anna Lutz, Kelvin Nakahashi, Daisy Rice, and Ulrich Xu.

In addition to the Academic Honours, we also acknowledged the achievement of students from the Class of 2017 who gained an OP1. The Headmaster had presented the OP1 students with their special plaque for Academic Excellence at a previous assembly prior to these students starting their university studies.  

The 2017 OP1 students were: Daniel Campbell, William Choy, Thejan Elankayer, Emily Gates, Kieran Hamley, Liam Harris, Emily Jacobs, Daniel Jones, Sharwel Lei, Jessica Wainwright, Jessie Woo, Kevin Yang, Chantal Zhao, and Kevin Zhou.

Congratulations to our APS Swim team and coaching staff on winning the 30th Annual APS Swimming Champions at Somerset pool last week. Remarkably, this is All Saints’ 17th win as ‘Champion Aggregate School’. Full details of the event can be found in Mr Leslie’s Sports page.

The Senior School heats of the biennial Concert Competition were held on Monday with Maddie Stephens(Voice), Ryo Takamizawa(Piano) and Nina Fan(Piano) advancing to the final on Thursday May 17. The final will be held in the Nairn Theatre with the orchestral backing provided by the All Saints Orchestra. Congratulations to all of the competitors for their dedication and outstanding performances, and thank you for sharing your amazing talents.    

As part of the Christian Living program at All Saints, parents are invited to join their son or daughter for the annual Year 10 Family Eucharist which will take place on Wednesday 28 February at 7:00pm in the School Chapel.

This service is the first formal occasion for Year 10 students in Senior School, and to mark its importance, the Headmaster, Mr Patrick Wallas, presents a gift from the School to every student.  For that reason it is important that, should your child be unable to attend, you advise his/her Tutor in advance. Dress is formal school uniform (ties, blue stockings and blazers) and we extend an invitation to you all to join us for light refreshments afterwards. We look forward to your participation, fellowship and support on this important occasion and would ask you to be seated by 6.50pm.

Mrs Heather Bunyan and Mrs Jo Farr share duties in the Senior School Reception. Heather on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and Jo Wednesday and Friday. Both Heather and Jo can be contacted on 5587 0352 or via email to seniorreception@asas.qld.edu.au regarding absences from School, late and early departures, visitations and all general Senior School enquiries. Mrs Amy Pettit is the Careers/VET assistant and can be contacted on 5587 0377 or apettit@asas.qld.edu.au.

The All Saints Anglican School policies are designed to reflect and enhance the aims and values of the School. Students need a safe, stable and healthy environment in order to fulfil their academic and personal potential. By accepting a place in All Saints Anglican School students and their parents make a commitment to fulfil the School Mission statement, dedicate themselves to the School’s Aims and Objectives, uphold the School values and follow the fundamental policies and procedures that are designed to ensure a healthy community. I will regularly highlight some of our policies and procedures.

Bullying Policy: Definition of Bullying
Bullying is any type of repeated behaviour, often involving a power imbalance, that causes a person to experience physical hurt or emotional pain. To threaten or frighten someone is equally unacceptable.   

Bullying behaviour may be:

  • Physical (e.g. pushing, hitting, damaging other’s possessions);
  • Verbal (e.g. name calling, spreading rumours, text abuse, email or any social media platform abuse);
  • Social and/or psychological (e.g. causing someone to feel afraid through intimidation, purposely excluding someone from an activity, making menacing gestures at another person).

Any student who reports bullying and is then subject to threat, harassment or any form of victimisation, must report this to the Head of Senior School immediately. The School will not tolerate such behaviour and reserves the right to withdraw the enrolment of any offending student.

Information on ‘What to do if you believe that you are being bullied’ and ‘Action to be taken by the School’ can be found on page 5 of the Senior School student diary.


Make it a point to do something every day that you don’t want to do. This is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain – Mark Twain

Steve Wright
Head of Senior School