The curriculum encompasses all of the planned and guided learning experiences offered to the students by the School. The individual student with his/her needs, abilities and interests is the centre around which the curriculum is developed.

The curriculum at All Saints is designed to provide a continuum of experience and knowledge acquisition from Pre Prep to Year 12. Emphasis is on the education of the whole person - intellectual, cultural, physical and spiritual.

All Saints offers a Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. Each section is semi-autonomous with its own Head and Administration within a combined Pre Prep –Year 12 School.

This separation of the School into three semi-autonomous groups - Junior School (Pre Prep-Year 6), Middle School (Years 7-9) and Senior School (Years 10-12), enables All Saints to:

  • enhance and further develop curriculum and support structures appropriate to the students' developmental and intellectual needs;
  • extend the Pastoral Care system which caters for the needs of each individual student; and
  • expand specialist facilities, tuition and support necessary to complement the child's growth and development.

All Saints Anglican School is proud to be an Asia Wise School.