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Humankind continues to find startling new ways to harness the power of technology. At All Saints, we embrace its potential to help the School run efficiently and to create an environment where learning is rich, deep and exciting.

Technology Initiatives

Staff and students have access to a wide range of technologies that complement the academic program. All teaching spaces are equipped with data projection or interactive whiteboard technology with wireless connection, either pen or touch enabled. Click through the list below to read about some of our leading tech assets and programs.

One-to-one program

The one-to-one program involves all students from Years 4 to 12. Each student and staff member is provided with a personal Windows or iPad pen-enabled device to support their learning and teaching. The School has over 200 wireless access points so students and teachers may take advantage of all facilities when planning and engaging with learning experiences. Each device is fully equipped with Microsoft Office 365 and, dependent on the class, other industry standard programs including the full Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD and more. 


FIDO (which stands for finding information directly online) is All Saints' online learning management system. Teachers and students use FIDO as a teaching and learning tool, while parents can access personalised and relevant information relating to their children including their calendars and assessment schedules. Notices, information pages and groups within FIDO also allow our community to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Future technologies program

As part of the science, technology engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) curriculum across several year levels, students are exposed to a range of future technologies. Students regularly work with robotics, microprocessors, augmented reality, virtual reality, drones, 3D printing and much more. Futurists have identified these areas as exponentially growing with the highest levels of employability. Learning future technologies begins in the Junior School. Those who opt for certain STEAM tracks as they move through Middle and Senior School become very well-versed in several cutting-edge technologies that are usually introduced at the tertiary level.