Parents and Friends

The Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is an integral part of the All Saints community. The philosophy of the Association is that ‘Funds are raised only after friends are raised; that without the building of a community spirit and the establishment of friendships little else can be achieved.’

The objectives of the P&F are to:

  • Foster and promote the interests of students at the School
  • Foster parent-teacher-student understanding and communication
  • Foster friendship within the School community
  • Assist in the improvement and maintenance of the School facilities

2020 Committee

The Committee for 2020 is as follows:

Sallyanne McMahon

Vice President
David Pearson

Renée O’Neill

Assistant Secretary
Samantha Ladd

Michelle Bosiljevac
Belinda Bosse
Stephan Coetser
Carmel Conlin
Scott Conlin
Craig Duggan – Friends of Music
Mark Foster – Swim Club
Martine Gill
Annette Greenhow
Kyron Halleday – Friends of Sustainability
Katherine Holmes
Jodie Ishizaka
Kelli Kingsley
Tony Kyle
Nadine Lyndon
Emma Moorhead
Reta Murphy
Rena Mylordi
Jo Nairn
Jenny Parer
Warwick Parer
Lesa Paull
Kathryn Pearson
Joanne Robertson
Karen Saicich
Rohit Sharma
Vera Todorovic

Friends of Music

The Friends of Music was formed in 1997 to support the Performing Arts Department by contributing funds towards their needs. All parents and their innovative ideas are welcome at the meetings. More information is available by contacting the Performing Arts Administration on 5587 0351.

Rugby Supporters' Group

The Rugby Supporters’ Group was formed in 2001 to support Rugby across all three sub-schools. All parents are most welcome to join. More information is available by contacting Linda Sutton on 0417 608 974.

Basketball Supporters’ Group

The Basketball Supporters’ Group was formed in 2015 to support Basketball across all three sub-schools. All parents are welcome to join. More information is available from Nina Forbes on 0412 013 685.

All Saints Swimming Club

All Saints Swimming Club is affiliated with the Queensland Swimming Association giving all members the opportunity to participate at official local, regional and state carnivals throughout the season. The Club meets on a Friday evening at 6:00pm through the swimming season at the HPE pool. More information is available by contacting Ken and Michelle Sabotic (Swim Coaches) on 0414 557 979.