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2023 All Saints Anglican School fees for Australian students. 

Fees for international students can be found here.

The following fees are per semester. 

General tuition Resource fees and levies
Pre Prep (five-day fortnight) $2,619 * $379 *
Pre Prep (five-day week) $5,239 * $379 *
Prep - Year 3 $4,394 $1,358
Years 4 - 6 $4,394 $1,585
Years 7 - 9 $5,089 $1,852
Years 10 - 12 $5,471 $2,067
* Subsidy for Pre Prep fees

New Queensland kindergarten funding subsidies came into effect from 1 January 2023. All Saints attracts a $750 subsidy per semester per student.

Total semesterly fees after subsidy: 

  • Five-day fortnight: $2,248
  • Five-day week: $4,868 

The Queensland Government Kindergarten subsidy will not apply if it has already been claimed from another registered service provider.

Further kindy subsidies may apply for eligible families.

All fees and levies are non‐refundable ‐ chargeable at commencement of enrolment or the start of each academic year. GST inclusive where applicable.

Fees and levies are effective from 1 January of each year. Due to the varying number of programs on offer at the School, not all fees chargeable are included above. This means that other school activities such as extra-curricular activities, selective subject costs, excursions and social events will be charged when incurred. The School Council reserves the right to vary this fee schedule, upon notice to the parent/s listed on the fee account.

General tuition fees are the only fees to attract any relevant discount awarded through the School.

A component of tuition fees is for capital purposes.

Resource Fee Inclusions

Resource fees and levies are inclusive of camps, text hire, maintenance levy, booklist levy, computer one-to-one program, and student accident insurance.

One-to-One Program

The School will provide a school-owned device to all students in Years 4 to 12. The program will offer the following benefits: 

  • An extended three‐year hardware warranty
  • Ongoing IT software and hardware support for the duration of the device’s three‐year warranty period
  • Free software updates during the three‐year period
  • Accidental damage insurance ($100 excess – maximum of two claims over the three‐year period)

Any non‐returned laptop (for software removal) as per the agreement at the conclusion of Year 12 will be charged a penalty fee of $1,000.

Student Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance is included in the resource fee. The School pays the insurance premium through AON. A brochure setting out the items covered is available on Parent Lounge and from the Main Administration office. The plan covers enrolled students of the School during school time and authorised activities. 


Year level camps, excluding excursions, are included in the resource fee. 

Enrolment fee

The total sum of $1,100 is payable upon confirmation of enrolment. The enrolment fee is made up of:

  • Administration fee $100
  • Life membership to Past Students Association $220
  • Enrolment confirmation fee (non-refundable) $780

Full details of the enrolment fee are contained on the enrolment agreement. Should a student’s enrolment be withdrawn prior to entry, the life membership to the past students association (All Saints Alumni) will be refunded on withdrawal of enrolment prior to entry. However the administration fee and enrolment confirmation fee will be forfeited as a genuine pre-estimate of the School’s costs. 

Membership to All Saints Alumni will be open to all students upon graduation from Year 12 at the School. Membership is terminated immediately upon the withdrawal of a student from the School or the failure of a student to graduate from Year 12 at the School.

Building Fund

Donations to the Building Fund have been approved by the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation as an allowable deduction from income. A voluntary contribution of $300 per semester for the first child and $100 per semester for each subsequent child is encouraged and is contained in your tax invoice for convenience.

Parents & Friends Levy

The Parents & Friends levy is $25 per child semester.

Additional Information

Performing Arts (Music and Drama)

Private Music and Speech and Drama lessons are billed separately to parents by Friends of All Saints Performing Arts and are not included in the school fee statement each semester. Payment via FIDO is not available for these fees. More information can be obtained from the Performing Arts office. 

Withdrawal of a Student From the School

One school term’s notice must be given to the School Registrar, in writing, prior to the removal of a student from the School, otherwise a term’s fees will be charged as a genuine pre-estimate of the losses and damages incurred by the School in having allocated resources, planning and expenditure related to the student. 


Junior School parents order their child’s lunch online through Flexischools at Middle and Senior School students can open an account with Flexischools which links a students’ existing school ID card to their Flexischools account, allowing them to purchase food at school securely without the need for cash. 

Friends of All Saints Shop

Included in the resource fees, is the text hire scheme which enables students to borrow their textbooks. However any damaged or non‐returned books will be chargeable at replacement cost.

Details of stationery and uniforms including refund policy may be obtained from the Friends of All Saints Shop. There is also an online store available at for purchasing. Payment options for Friends of All Saints Shop are cash, EFTPOS and credit card. 

Payment Options

School fees are due each semester in advance (2023 payment due dates are 27 January for Semester 1, and 14 July for Semester 2). Payment can be made via:

  • Cash / Cheque / EFTPOS
  • BPay
  • Credit card – MasterCard or Visa (1% fee applicable). All transactions are processed in AUD.

Families may spread their payments in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalmentsvia payment plan provider, Edstart. Please view their website for more information.

Sibling Discounts

A discount on tuition fees is available for families of two or more children at the following savings per semester.

  • Two children $150
  • Three children $450
  • Four children $900
  • Five or more children $1,350

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The supply of educational courses is GST free. This includes excursions, field trips and course materials, but only if directly related to the curriculum and excludes any food component.

Payment Conditions

  1. Accounts are due for payment each semester in advance (payment due dates are 27 January 2023 for Semester 1 and 14 July 2023 for Semester 2).
  2. For any semester in which fees and levies are not paid by the due date or no acceptable arrangements have been made by that time, an administration reimbursement cost of $75 will apply. In addition, an account rendered generation reimbursement cost of $20 per statement may be applied to overdue accounts. 
  3. Default in payment of fees and levies render the parent/s of the account liable to legal action for recovery of the unpaid fees or levies.
  4. In the event that a student is asked to leave the School, all incurred fees and levies will be non-refundable and any outstanding accounts will be payable immediately.
  5. Parent/s who are experiencing difficulties maintaining payment of fees and levies should contact the School’s Commercial Manager.