Senior School

The Senior School curriculum builds upon the solid foundations laid by the academic programme offered in the Junior and Middle Schools and follows the Australian curriculum where appropriate.

Year 10

The Year 10 curriculum offered at All Saints aims to ensure that all students continue to receive a balanced education. The Year 10 course of study will run for three terms, with the fourth term being the beginning of their Year 11 studies. Students will choose their subjects for fourth term at the start of term three 2019 after experiencing the majority of their Year 10 subjects.

There are THREE compulsory courses in Year 10; English, Mathematics and Rotation. These consist of one line (4 lessons) of each English and Mathematics and a third line, called Rotation, that includes Physical Education (two lessons), Christian Living (one lesson) and one other lesson that alternates between a careers-based Futures programme and the Wonder Project - an All Saints initiative. This leaves four lines each for three terms, meaning students will have 12 units to choose. Of these 12 units, students must choose two of the three main Science subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and two of the three main Humanities subjects, Ancient History, Geography and Modern History. These each run for one term. Your remaining 8 units can be chosen from the other 25+ elective subjects on offer.

Please click here to view the 2023 Year 10 Subject Selection Guide.

Senior Secondary

At the start of Term 3, Year 10 students are required to choose a course of study for Years 11 and 12. Various options are available:

  • Students may study five or six Authority subjects. The aim is to achieve an OP (Overall Position) issued by the QSA (Queensland Studies Authority) that will enable them to embark on the tertiary course of their choice;
  • Students may choose a combination of subjects and vocational education courses. By choosing these options students gain a tertiary entrance rank issued by QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority), which will allow them to go on to further study at a Tertiary Level (University or TAFE);
  • School-Based Traineeships are also available to all students at Senior Secondary level, enabling them to undertake training and paid work in their chosen field whilst still completing their studies at school. After school, students can take on full time apprenticeships or move directly into the workplace.

Central to the Queensland assessment system for secondary students is the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCST). This exacting test, made up of four separate papers and held over two days, is based upon the 49 competencies highlighted by the Queensland curriculum. Students at All Saints attend specialist classes designed to help them succeed in the QCST.

Please click here to view the 2023 Year 11 Subject Selection Guide.

Vocational Education and Training

A range of vocational certificates are also available for those students who prefer a more practical approach to their learning. Students may also complete school-based traineeships and apprenticeships or study certificates in other fields through external training providers. Hospitality, Live Production, Business, Sport Coaching/Fitness, Active Volunteering and Work Skills certificates are offered on campus. Other options are also available through external providers.

Senior School Computing Program

Technology is an integral part of teaching and learning in the Senior School at All Saints Anglican School. Presently we have over 150 computers in laptop banks around the Senior School, six Electronic Learning Centres (ELCs) including specialist labs for Business, Graphics and PE, the ongoing rollout of electronic whiteboards, and wireless connectivity for those students who choose to bring their own device.

All Senior School students are part of the one-to-one computing program. Students will receive a laptop at the start of Year 10 and retain this laptop throughout their senior schooling. The One-to-One Program will ensure an appropriate tool is provided to allow students to be the best they can be, and support teachers in this endeavour.

Please click here to view more information on our Senior School One-to-One Computing Program.