All Saints ICT Vision Statement
God created us to be curious, and one thing we can be sure of is that technology is here to stay and that humankind will continue to find startling new ways to harness its power. Here at All Saints we embrace the potential technology has to help our school run efficiently and, more importantly, to inspire our student’s down pathways where their learning is rich, deep and exciting. Along the way, we encourage them to be discerning in their use and application of technology so that they might leave us to contribute to the world as responsible, global citizens. Our decisions and policies around the use of technology at All Saints are considered, keenly debated and absolutely focused on our students and how they learn. Because it is such a rapidly evolving field, our ICT strategic plan is flexible at its core.

Patrick Wallas - Headmaster

All Saints will be inspiring and preparing students by:

  • Creating enriching, challenging and authentic programs.
  • Ensuring that technological progress is education focused.
  • Focusing on creation and critical consumption.

All Saints students will learn to live and work together by:

  • Applying of technology that seeks to provide students with the values, skills and opportunities they need to develop as responsible digital citizens within their home, the school community and the wider global community.

Students at All Saints will demonstrate compassion by:

  • Using technology as a tool for reflection.
  • Acknowledging digital products created by others.
  • Imparting positive values throughout the community.

Students at All Saints will be able to be discerning in their use of technology by:

  • Being educated to become critical & efficient users of technology
  • Developing independence when using technology.
  • Planning, creating, communicating and applying ethical social and technical protocols

All Saints will teach students to be responsible users of technology by:

  • Formally and sequentially educating students to become responsible digital citizens.
  • Setting clear and justifiable expectations for students, staff and parents.
  • Establishing policies and guidelines that support these expectations.

All Saints ICT Implementation – 2018

Students and teachers at All Saints will be supplied with age appropriate, specific technology on an efficient, consistent, flexible and evolving supported network. This will allow students to use technology in a purposeful manner to practise safe and responsible online activity.

All Saints will ensure that all teachers will undertake a program of robust professional development of core and advanced software applications, equipping them to utilise strategies and tools to create, deploy and track engaging learning experiences.

Junior School Programme

At All Saints we recognise that mobile, personal computing is the way of the future. We believe that students should be able to access digital educational information, resources and tools anywhere and at any time. Students in Prep to Year 3 have access to shared iPads and laptops. We commence a BYOD iPad programme from Year 4. Full details of the Junior School Computing Programme is below.

Please click here to view more information on Junior School Computing

Middle and Senior School Programme

Technology is an integral part of teaching and learning in the Middle and Senior School at All Saints Anglican School. All Saints is pleased to announce that on the back of the highly successful Senior School One-to-One Pilot Programme launched in year 10 this year, an updated One-to-One Programme for students entering year 10 in 2018 and an extension of the Programme to Middle School Students in 2018. Full details of the Middle and Senior School Computing Programme is below.

Please click here to view more information on Middle and Senior School Computing

Please click here to view the Year 7 and Year 10 One-to-One Computing Contract

Please click here to view the Year 8 and Year 9 One-to-One Computing Contract

Acceptable Use Student Policy

Students at All Saints are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards when using electronic devices at school. A detailed Acceptable Use Policy is available under the link below.

Please click here to download the complete Acceptable Use Policy for Students