Vocational Education and Training

In Years 11 and 12 students are able to select VET courses from a range of options including the following certificates which are offered as part of the school curriculum:

All Saints delivered qualifications (RTO: 30211)

  • SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality

Qualifications delivered via external providers

  • BSB30120 Certificate III in Business (Binnacle Training, RTO: 31319)
  • BSB50120 Diploma of Business (Prestige Service Training: RTO: 31981)
  • CHC34015 Certificate III in Active Volunteering (Volunteering Queensland, RTO: 6020)
  • AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation - Remote Pilot (AGI, RTO 31690)
  • SIS20319/SIS30315 Certificate II in Sport Coaching/Certificate III in Fitness (TAFE Qld, RTO: 0275)

These courses provide students with the opportunity to develop practical workplace skills. Students who enjoy 'hands-on' learning will enjoy this way of learning.

In addition to these courses, students are able to undertake VET courses off-campus with other training providers e.g. TAFE and a range of private providers. Some courses on offer are Children's Services, Health Services, Fitness, Media, Automotive and Engineering.

Completion of VET certificates provides students with vocational skills and knowledge which will enable them to obtain part-time or full-time employment. Some courses can be used towards further study at TAFE or other private colleges. All courses earn points towards the QCE.

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School-Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Students can also participate in school-based traineeships and apprenticeships (SATs) as a further vocational option. SATs enable students to complete a formal qualification as well as undertake paid work in their chosen career field. SATs are available in a diverse range of fields including: Business, IT, Media, Children's Services, Sport and Recreation, Beauty, Hairdressing, Automotive, Engineering, Carpentry, Hospitality and Live Production. Students participating in this program will spend one day per week (a minimum of 50 days) 'on the job' and will undertake formal one-on-one training throughout that 12-month period. Upon completion students will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification. Successful completion of a SAT with at least a Certificate III level qualification will provide a QTAC Selection Rank which can be used to apply for further tertiary study.

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