All Saints, a co-educational day school, caters for boys and girls from Pre Prep to Year 12. Although date of receipt of the Registration Application is a major factor when deciding offers of places at the School, the need to obtain a balance of abilities across the range of the community and between boys and girls will also be relevant factors. Preference is given to siblings of current students in accordance with the School's Sibling policy. The School reserves the right to allocate places at its discretion in special circumstances. The current intake years at All Saints are Pre Prep, Year 4, Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11. Other vacancies are filled as they arise.


Parents who wish to apply for their child to be enrolled at All Saints Anglican School are asked to complete a registration form and return it with the required fee of $100. The payment of this fee does not guarantee enrolment at the School or the opportunity for an interview. This is an administration fee and is non-refundable. Registration forms are available from Department of Admissions or you may register online.

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Conditions of Enrolment

Any person who registers or enrols a child at All Saints expressly acknowledges that the enrolment of any child will, at all times, remain subject to the Conditions of Enrolment set forth on the Enrolment form used by All Saints.


In the first instance, parents are phoned to arrange an interview with the Headmaster or other appropriate staff. Parents whose children have been offered a place and who have consequently accepted that place will then be required to complete an Enrolment form. Registration in no way implies that a place will be offered to any child. Acceptance of a completed Enrolment form will be at the absolute discretion of the School, which shall not be required to give any reason for its decision.

Student Enrolment Monies

The sum of $1,100 is payable upon confirmation of enrolment. The enrolment fee is made up of:

  • Administration fee $100
  • Life membership to Past Students Association $220
  • Enrolment confirmation fee (non-refundable) $780

Full details of the enrolment fee are contained on the enrolment agreement. Should a student’s enrolment be withdrawn prior to entry, the life membership to the Past Students Association will be refunded on withdrawal of enrolment prior to entry. However the administration fee and enrolment confirmation fee will be forfeited as a genuine pre-estimate of the School’s costs. Membership of the Past Students Association will be open to all students upon graduation from Year 12 at the School. Membership is terminated immediately upon the withdrawal of a student from the School or the failure of a student to graduate from Year 12 at the School.

Enrolment Collection Notice

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School Privacy Policy

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Change of Circumstances

Parent(s) or Guardian(s) are required to notify the School in writing forthwith upon any change in family circumstances (including the information set forth in the Registration Application and Enrolment Form).

Debt Collection Policy

The School has a staged process to collect outstanding accounts. While every attempt will be made to come to a suitable payment plan, on-going arrears where there is no payment arrangement in place, which remain unpaid for 60 days, will be referred to a third party for management and the commencement of recovery proceedings. The cost incurred by the School for formal debt recovery proceedings will be added to the account. The School further reserves the right to reverse fee rebates, concessions, scholarships and bursaries as well as withdraw the enrolment of students should the account remain unpaid.