What do our parents say about All Saints?

"In my opinion the measure of a school's success is not only the academic results of the students, but more importantly the way they conduct themselves as people, their work ethic and the core values they develop. Mission accomplished, All Saints!"

"All Saints has a positive, enthusiastic environment where providing the best possible learning opportunity at every level is paramount. It is a friendly and happy place where students feel valued and supported, and the staff are genuinely interested in the welfare of their students."

"An excellent school, All Saints' best feature is the happy, enthusiastic and child centred approach of the whole staff. It is a school where there is an obvious endeavour to explore the latest and most relevant teaching strategies, and where the staff are committed to educate my child to the best of his ability."

"I like that All Saint is a top academic school, but is also able to offer a variety of programmes for students who are seeking alternative pathways."

"All Saints caters to a wide range of interests, abilities and talents. The students are immersed in a wide variety of high quality cultural experiences and there are many extra curricular opportunities on offer. The School is student focussed and this is very important to us. "

"All Saints provides a very warm and supportive culture in which my children are very happy and inspired to learn. The curriculum is diverse, the facilities are excellent and the staff are very supportive. I am so delighted that my children have the privilege of attending All Saints."

"This is a school that is founded on solid values. The staff are caring and well trained, the facilities are excellent, the opportunities for students are bountiful and the guidance for life beyond school invaluable. Well done, All Saints."

"I like that my child is in a safe and protected environment at All Saints. She is surrounded by a supportive, understanding and encouraging group of teachers, and she is inspired to make the best of her abilities."

"As a new parent to the School, I am most pleased with the happy and positive feeling I get from the students and the teachers. I feel the students are cared for both academically and developmentally to a very high standard. I am very pleased with the forward thinking and open mindedness that the School displays in their programmes and events."

"When I drive away each day, I know my son is in the best of hands."

"I love the fact that at All Saints all children are valued equally and the teachers care about their education. There are great subject choices and the chance for my children to achieve what they want. All Saints brings out the best in my children."

"Our children are proud to be part of the All Saints community and rightly so. They are happy, well balanced, intelligent and compassionate Christian citizens, and the School has played an integral role in their personal development. They love every minute of every day at All Saints."

"All Saints has a culture of all-round excellence – not only in academics but also in performing arts and sport."

(Comments from the 2014 School Survey)

What do our students say about All Saints?

"All Saints provides me with a platform to excel in my studies, launching me into challenging but exciting situations. Its teaching ethos and pastoral care programme allows me to learn whilst in a safe, happy and enjoyable environment that provides me with abundant opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular."

"I love All Saints because it provides me with opportunities, a nurturing learning environment with fantastic teachers, and genuine friendships. I couldn't imagine there being a school that could provide a more holistic, well-rounded education than All Saints. I feel very privileged to be a part of the All Saints family!"

"All Saints is a community where everyone knows each other and it strives to allow each student to reach their full potential. We're like a family and everyone is just as important as the rest, regardless of age, nationality or year level."

"All Saints has become a second home to me over the past three years since I began attending the School. The School has such a wonderful atmosphere and overall respect for teachers and students alike. The diversity of talents is inspiring in itself and everyone is encouraged to embrace their individuality. I feel very fortunate to attend All Saints. "

"I believe it's the dedication of its staff that makes All Saints such an amazing school. It's heartening to have teachers that care so much about their teaching and the students, and constantly go beyond their job descriptions in order to provide us with the best opportunities. All Saints has managed to employ teachers who it seems actually do teach because of those expressions about 'moulding young minds', and I really do relish learning here."

"I like All Saints because you can try your best without fear of judgment and there are amazing facilities and things to do on offer."

"All Saints is a consistently happy place. It has amazing resources and opportunities. Also I love the fact that you know that, no matter what, there is always someone there for you."

"I believe our School truly lives our School motto 'Truth, Faith, Compassion'."

"Our School is a safe and healthy environment with excellent learning facilities and you feel welcome every day."

"All Saints has a sense of community. The staff and students are encouraging, loving and accepting and, if you spend your schooling years at All Saints, you will emerge as a young man and woman modelling these traits."

"I like the size of the School, the classrooms are inviting and the classes are fun. We have many sporting opportunities and I love that I can work in the Senior School to do extension work."

What do our past students say about All Saints?

"My triplet sisters, brother and I were all lucky enough to attend All Saints Anglican School and I am forever grateful for all that I experienced during that time. I am still best friends with many of the other students and will always be reminded of the Headmaster's ability to accentuate the positive. The jubilant staff bonded together to create an environment which fostered creativity, individuality and achievement. We understood that school was all about growing into well-rounded, compassionate adults with an emphasis on community spirit. Through learning these core values, success was inevitable. I will always appreciate the incredible opportunities that were presented to me during my time at All Saints." Candice Dixon, Class of 2007

"I am currently working as a water quality engineer, spending most of my free time rock climbing, having dinners with friends, playing guitar and reading voraciously. Looking back through all this, my time at All Saints seems a whole world away. But, I am still blown away by how lucky I was to have attended this school. Thank you to all the teachers who cared about the students far beyond the mere job requirements. Thank you to every teacher who managed to demonstrate that the joy of real understanding was far more profound than rote memorisation for the sake of an exam score. Most importantly, I thank them for creating a culture where everyone genuinely cares for their fellow human beings. As the years wear on, I highly doubt that any of my fellow past students would fail to thank their lucky stars that they were once cared for by such a first class collection of human beings." Gordon Huang, Class of 2009

"As I near the end of my second year of study at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, I cannot even begin to express how my time at All Saints Anglican School has proven to be some of the most beneficial years of my life. Moving into a Performance based career is always hard, but with the vast resources, opportunities and invaluable teaching readily available at All Saints, I was able to flourish and thrive with the support of my teachers and peers. I will always be a proud All Saints Drama Captain, and spare no expense when boasting of the School's incredible theatres and productions. I have made many unforgettable memories at All Saints, and will never be able to thank the school enough." Andre Drysdale, Class of 2013