Why All Saints?

Despite our superb facilities and excellent record of academic results, it has become clear to us over the years, as a result of formal and informal feedback, that parents choose All Saints Anglican School because of our reputation for noticing, nurturing and spending time with each individual child entrusted to our care. It is our reputation for compassion and care upon which our School is founded and from which we draw our confidence and strength. The children always come first, whether we are planning new facilities, developing an engaging curriculum, working out the timetable, providing learning and emotional support or simply working out the School calendar. Of course we must nurture and inspire the staff; they are our most precious resource. Yet the joy they take in working at All Saints is due in large part to the place it gives them in a loving, supportive community with a single and wholesome purpose – the education of boys and girls, young men and young women, from the ages of 4 through to 18. It is a noble calling and one which we take very seriously indeed.

Other points of difference include:

  • The Biennial Livewire Festival
  • The Infinity Programme
  • Service Learning
  • Sustainability at All Saints
  • The Wetlands
  • The Wonder Project
  • The Pegasus Creative Writing Competition
  • The Biennial School Fair
  • The Concerto Competition
  • The Academic Honours Programmes
  • The Outdoor Puppet Theatre.