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2022 Shindig Film Festival Winners Celebrated

Over the years, the Shindig Film Festival has become something of an institution at All Saints. 

What once began as home movies, comedy spoofs and amateur shorts in the Nairn Theatre has grown to become an evening of quality, cinematic short films displayed on the silver screen at Robina’s Event Cinemas. 

Founder of the Shindig Film Festival and All Saints' Director of Multimedia Services Mr Steve Lewis says the biggest highlight from the 2022 instalment of the festival was the range and diversity of works presented. 

“There were some ridiculously humorous ones, and there were also some really poignant ones,” says Mr Lewis. 

“One of the nice byproducts of the program is that we gain a glimpse into the lives of our students and see what they find entertaining. It’s also a great opportunity for students to actually get those ideas they’ve been talking about out of their heads and onto a big screen.”

Reflecting on the entries from the two major award winners this year, Penny Hauck and Evelyn Mulcahy, Mr Lewis says the quality was not only outstanding, but the proof of their growth as filmmakers over the years was evident.

“Having seen the evolution of both of them as filmmakers, it’s truly fantastic that they have both stuck at it,” he says. 

Penny will be studying film and TV at Bond University next year. It’s great to see that sort of development through this program.”

Shindig has often been a stepping-stone for many aspiring filmmakers who are now working or studying in the field.

Perhaps our winners this year will follow a similar suit.

Shindig Award Winners 2022

Award Recipient/s
Encouragement Award Oliver Hains (Year 11), 'The Unseen Antagonists Of Society'
Filmmakers Award Alexander Galt (Year 10) and Will Scott (Year 10), 'The Deal'
Best Comedy Daniel McLaren-Kennedy (Year 12), 'A Cinematographic Etude'
Best Docudrama Amelia O’Shanassy (Year 11), 'Burke’s Pineapple'
Judges Award Penny Hauck (Year 12), 'One Last Time'
People's Choice Award Evelyn Mulcahy (Year 12), 'Dinner at Mine'