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A big green bravo to Shrek Jr

It’s been a few months since the curtains were drawn on the final performance of the Junior School musical Shrek Jr. However, given the post-show buzz, it’s like we’re still seeing green.

Students are reeling with delight from their experience, prompting performing arts staff to look to the future with a keen eye.

Director and Junior School Drama Teacher Rosie Tucker says that, from the get go, Shrek was destined to be special and was expected to push the limits.

“When we decided that we were going to do Shrek, it was a different musical in that it was a comedy and incorporated the largest number of students that we have ever had in a Junior School Musical - it was always going to be a challenge,” says Mrs Tucker. 

“But that wonderful moment – opening night – hearing the cheers from the audience at 

the end of the show and the musical being so successful, I think our hearts were all bursting with pride.”

Cast member Ben Altschwager, who played the role of Papa Ogre, says Shrek was a great choice for a musical because the students were readily able to bring it to life. 

“It’s a musical we all knew and could relate to, we were comfortable being in it,” he says.

“We’ve watched the movies and many of us had even watched the musical and we just felt great about it.”

Shrek Dress Rehersal 34
Shrek Dress Rehearsal 51
Shrek Dress Rehearsal 45
Shrek Dress Rehearsal 29
Shrek Dress Rehearsal 14
Shrek 2022 6
Shrek 2022 7
Shrek 2022 5
Shrek 2022 3
Shrek 2022 4
Shrek 2022 2
Shrek 2022 1

An army of volunteers including parents, staff and friends of All Saints brought behind the scenes to life by helping with dressing, prop creation, catering, hair, makeup and much more. 

Regardless of prior experience, or level of involvement, Mrs Tucker says all the folks in the village worked together to create something memorable and magical.

“When it was all over, I think we all just had this feeling of emptiness – especially Mr Lange, Mrs Venter and I – because we just loved what we were doing and working with the kids,” she reflects.

“It brought so much life to the Junior School and so it felt a bit sad when it was all over, but it won’t be long now until we pick the next one for 2024.”

Looking Back

Best tip you learned on set? 

“I was quite scared about being in the first scene of the show, but Austin (Shrek) told me to just treat each performance like another rehearsal. And that helped a lot!” – Ben Altschwager, Papa Ogre

A sidesplittingly funny moment? 

“It was probably when Ava (Fiona) was swinging the prop deer around in rehearsal and it ended up crashing into me.” – Adelaide Blair, Pinocchio

The biggest challenge? 

“Definitely doing the actual show and performing in front of more than 600 people each night, because that’s the first time I’ve ever done a big performance on a stage.” – Austin Madrers, Shrek

An amazing highlight? 

“The best part of the whole experience would be getting to meet a few people that you haven’t known because they are in different grades, and also just learning so much new stuff about singing, acting and dancing.” – Ava Golder, Fiona