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All Saints Fair Day Fun

After a four-year hiatus due to COVID, the All Saints fair in late August was a larger-than-life day of fun, friendship, and fundraising.

An overflowing carpark, sold-out stalls, shelves at local supermarkets picked clean of hotdogs and drinks - such was the popularity of the 2022 All Saints Fair.

Students, staff and friends of the school were blown away by the event, with many newer All Saints families joining the celebration for the first time.

The Fair was, by all accounts, a mammoth undertaking by organisers and volunteers.

While there were a few logistical hurdles to tackle due to overwhelming demand, in the name of fundraising for the Parents & Friends Association, selling out of food and beverages (twice) was a good problem to have.

Our fair convenors this year were All Saints parents, husband and wife team David and Kat Pearson.

Kat says the army of volunteers did an outstanding job at helping the day run smoothly.

“Everyone was so grateful to be there, and if we ended up needing more volunteers, people put their hands up without question,” she says. “Some volunteers, like the superstars in the treasury, worked so hard on the day that they even sacrificed their own time of walking around and enjoying the Fair.”

Special highlights at the Fair included the motorbike show, incredible rides, staff dunk tank, alumni rugby game and the Mario Kart competition. Kat says it was wonderful to see All Saints’ own Reuben Kremer take home the top raffle prize; a brand new Suzuki Swift.

“The car was won by Reuben, a teacher in Senior School, which was just great,” says Kat.

“There was a whole lot of students gathered around sitting on the grass, and when we announced that he was the winner there was just this look of sheer delight on their faces because they know and respect him.”

On behalf of the Parents & Friends Association, David and Kat pay a special thank you to everyone who helped on the day. 

“A super congratulations to the P&F committee to get everything up and running, and to all the volunteers who turned up like clockwork to do their part,” she says.

“Every community contribution, whether big or small, went a long way. It was bigger than Ben Hur, and the next one will be even bigger again."

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Old boys go head-to-head

The Alumni Rugby game has historically been a huge draw card on Fair day, involving both current and past students in the clash. 

This year, the interest was so extensive that organiser Sean Bale decided to field two teams entirely comprised of alumni. 

Even though some participants may have walked away with a few bumps and bruises, Mr Bale congratulated all who helped make the spectacle a resounding success.

“There is a danger that such games can be a gimmick, with old broken blokes donning the footy boots when possibly they should not,” he says.

“This was not the case and instead, the game had everything. Sure, a few ran out of steam, but the rugby was decent! There were several line breaks, last gasp tackles, multiple phases… the physicality was right up there.”

Highlights on the field included two current All Saints teachers, a father and son duo, three sets of brothers, three generations of a family and seven former All Saints Rugby 1st XV captains.

“But most importantly, more than fifty old boys from 1995 to 2021 showed up and played their heart out to support the school,” says Mr Bale. 

Head of Sport Fergus Leslie and Head of Senior School Bryn Evans were team coaches for the clash, with Mr Leslie’s team taking out the win.

Mr Evans adds that it was wonderful to see the game played “in the right spirit” with the utmost camaraderie.

“Many of the players didn’t know each other because they graduated up to 20 years apart, but they all got on so well and bonded brilliantly - they all had ‘All Saints’ in common,” he says. “There was such a great mix of players from each graduating year.”

Mr Evans looks forward to the Alumni Rugby game’s return in 2024.

“The event draws such a crowd, it really brings so many past students back to the fair and gives them something to bond over,” he says.

Performers off the charts

According to organisers, the various performers who took to the stage on Fair day were second to none.

From dancers and singers to radio stars, ensembles, bands and DJs, fair convenor Kat Pearson says many attendees could hardly believe the quality. 

“The Indigenous performance was such a lovely way to start, I feel like everyone really enjoyed the cultural aspect of it,” she says.

“Then at the end of the night DJ Luca Griffo (Year 11) took over the oval and turned it into an awesome party, almost like a music festival!” 

Kat said Luca did “an absolutely brilliant job” on creating an atmosphere where kids of all ages could dance and have fun, without things getting too rowdy.

She also commented how wonderful it was to see student cover band Cosmic Vice showcase the songs that really connect with their generation. 

“During Cosmic Vice’s set in the afternoon and Luca’s disco in the evening, it felt very contemporary, and it felt like it was what the audiences really wanted,” she says.

“A parent came up to me a one point and said what an amazing opportunity it was for our kids to put on a show that speaks to what they’re living right now, and for the school to encourage and embrace the current music that the students have chosen to perform.”

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