Living the Gospel

All Saints Anglican School is a place where the gospel is lived as well as taught.

The Headmaster writes in his introductory message that...

"We have become quite adept as a society at nurturing our physical and emotional well-being, but we are born with a spiritual identity too, and young people need some guidance in this area more than ever before. The restlessness that pervades modern life is due in part to society's attempt to fill the void left by the absence in so many peoples' lives of a sustaining religious faith. We must expect our young people to question aspects of their faith which they find difficult, but we must also provide them with a framework upon which they can rely when the questions become more urgent."

All Saints has a vibrant ministry team centred around four full time staff and Christian Living is taught weekly throughout the School. Other opportunities are also provided for students to explore their faith.

At All Saints, we believe that an integral part of any child's education should include some contemplation of those 'overwhelming questions,' which will continue to haunt them as they move towards and beyond adulthood.

We are also acutely aware of our responsibility as an Anglican School to support the Anglican Church in every way we can. With this in mind, we have established close links with Anglican Church Robina. We believe it is important to familiarise the young with their local church and we do our best to ensure that the services are engaging, meaningful and a great deal of fun.

As a Christian School, we believe that each member of our community is loved by God, and therefore deserving of respect and kindness. By promoting and aspiring towards the values implicit in the gospels, it is our intention to stay true to our charter by building through our Christian ministry a genuine commitment to 'Truth, Faith and Compassion'.

Chapel Opening - Ave Maria from All Saints Anglican School on Vimeo.