Pastoral Care

Life is a profoundly wonderful gift, but it can, of course, be challenging too. There will be times when we feel misunderstood and alone. At All Saints, we accept that some of our students will occasionally need a little extra help, and we make it our business to be available to them when they do. Every academic staff member at All Saints is involved in the Pastoral Care program of the School. Experience suggest that students in need will often approach their favourite teacher for some friendly advice, and it is the staff's willingness to listen and to provide considered advice that is the cornerstone of our Pastoral Care program. It is in such informal interactions that many minor frustrations and concerns can be addressed and solutions achieved.

From time to time, students will have special needs relating to their academic performance. Some students will need to be challenged more directly in order to keep them engaged, whilst others might need more specific help with particular aspects of their learning. To this end, a dedicated team of specialist teachers and counsellors offers specific educational support to those students who may need it.

The secret to any successful Pastoral Care program is awareness, and at All Saints we pride ourselves on getting to know your child. By building positive relationships between staff and students so that a true sense of partnership develops, we are better positioned to detect those slight changes in behavioural patterns that can indicate a problem. Once a problem has been shared and talked through with someone the student trusts, it never seems quite so insurmountable. The building of positive relationships is the cornerstone upon which our Pastoral Care program is constructed.