Vision, Mission and Pledge

Our Vision

All Saints Anglican School is a world-class Christian school where everyone joyfully reaches their full potential.

In this school students and members of staff will act confidently and considerately, rejoicing in the knowledge that they are giving their best in a community where they belong and are valued. They will be aware of the integrity that flows from balancing their spiritual, academic, social, physical, emotional and creative impulses. A sense of wellbeing and optimism will characterise all aspects of school life.

Our Mission

To have passionate, sensitive and intelligent staff who are nurtured and inspired to work together to fulfil the vision of the School.

Every member of the All Saints community is aware of the vision of the School and of their role in enacting that vision. Regular, honest and thoughtful communication between all members of the community reassures stakeholders who know they have a voice which is valued and heard.

Our Pledge

All Saints Anglican School will treat with care and respect all people involved in its communal life in the certain knowledge that each is precious, worthy and loved by God. We aim to honour our founding creed of ‘Truth, Faith and Compassion’ to foster an environment in which the Gospel is lived as well as taught, and where the quality of life enhances the quality of performance.

Our Motto

Truth, Faith, Compassion

Honesty, authenticity, saying what we mean.

God's love for us is revealed in every aspect of our communal life.

Kindness is all, a discipline approach that is redemptive rather than punitive.