Volunteering at All Saints

All Saints Anglican School acknowledges and values the role parents and the broader community play in the education of our students. As such, we welcome and encourage parents and other community members to become a part of school life by volunteering to support school activities such as assistance in the classroom, tuckshop, excursions, P&F activities or sporting carnivals.

Before doing so, there is specific information that we must provide all volunteers and documentation that we must obtain from volunteers in relation to student protection to keep our students safe and comply with legislation.


All volunteers (including parents, grandparents, past parents and members of the community) must read, acknowledge their understanding of and agree to abide by Student Protection and safety protocols before they can lend their skills and services within the school community. Such volunteers will be officially registered as a volunteer at All Saints Anglican School and entered on the School’s Employee and Volunteer Register which is a legislative requirement.

All non-parent volunteers (for example grandparents or friends) must also hold a positive notice letter and Blue Card or Exemption Card prior to commencing their volunteer role.


All School staff, volunteers and visitors to an Anglican school have an obligation and responsibility to report all reasonable suspicions of:

  • Sexual abuse or likely sexual abuse; or
  • Harm or risk of harm

of a student by another person.

In order for school staff, volunteers and visitors to understand their reporting obligations and assist with creating a safe environment for all students, our School has developed policies and procedures in relation to student protection obligations and responsibilities which must be followed.

What To Do Next

Complete this volunteer registration form which includes information and training in respect of student protection, Work Health and Safety and Code of Conduct. Please ensure copies of the requested documentation are also submitted:

  • Blue Card, Exemption Card or completed Application for Blue or Exemption Card (please ensure it is unsigned as the application must be signed in the presence of a designated All Saints Anglican School staff member)
  • Photo identification
  • Completed induction documents

Questions regarding the online Volunteer Registration process or induction should be directed to the staff member with whom you have been in contact or the School’s Compliance Officer, Lisa O’Donoghue - lodonoghue@asas.qld.edu.au.